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Getting injured in a car accident is hard enough. Car repairs, Doctors, therapy visits, MRI's. The medical bills add up. As does the headache in dealing with the seemingly friendly insurance adjuster who wants to 'take care of all this.' Don't be fooled by his charm. He is out to resolve your claim for as cheap as he can. Insurance companies post millions of dollars in profits each year by collecting premiums and minimizing claim payouts. They are experts in convincing you to settle your disc herniation car accident claim for pennies on the dollar. This is why most car accident victims seek their own counsel before speaking with the insurance company. 

Our car accident disc herniation lawyers do not get paid unless you collect money. This means if we accept your case, we believe it will be worth our time to help you pursue compensation. We have handled thousands of auto accident disc herniation claims, just like yours. We have experience with all the major insurance companies (GEICO, AllState, State Farm, Progressive), as well as the smaller regional insurers. Our former clients rave about our work and our peers respect us. If you would like to learn more about our car accident disc herniation lawyer, or how the process works, call us at 561-316-7207 for a free case consultation. 

Car Accident Disc Herniation Lawyer Awards and Recognition

Let our experience go to work on securing your settlement. Speak with our disc herniation car crash attorney now.

Let our experience go to work on securing your settlement. Speak with our disc herniation car crash attorney now.

Car accident injuries, such a disc herniations, can be permanent and require a lifetime of medical treatment. The law allows for car accident disc herniation victims to recover compensation for their bills and pain and suffering. After a car accident, don’t get hurt twice. Negotiating with the insurance company alone is an uneven battle. That is why most consumer advocate groups recommend hiring a car accident disc herniation lawyer to protect your rights.

Before you hire any personal injury car accident lawyer, read this quick recommendation list. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

A Long History of Negotiating with the Car Insurance Companies.

Hopefully, this is your first serious car accident (and last!). That means that you have little to no experience negotiating personal injury claims, such as a disc herniation lawsuit. Car accident lawyers negotiate these claims everyday. Your lawyer should have an idea of what your case is worth and how to reach an ideal settlement. You likely will be unable to know what information/documents the insurance company needs in order to settle. You will also not know what your disc herniation case should settle for. At the very least, speak with an attorney before you attempt to negotiate with a major car insurance company. 

Legal Experience and Knowledge Regarding your Potential Avenues of Recovery

Most clients hire car accident disc herniation lawyers for their knowledge of the applicable law. The law is very nuanced and you need a personal injury lawyer in your corner so that you do not miss out on a critical issue. For instance, legal theories such as statutes of limitations, missed wages and uninsured motorist coverage can best be explained by a lawyer. Without representation, you may miss these valuable damage components. 

Disc Herniation Car Accident Injury: Lawyer Experience

Car accidents are varied in their mechanism of injury, but we see similar injuries from most car crashes. For this reason, our lawyers are very familiar with disc herniation injuries from car crashes. We can help you find the right medical care and complete the proper medical work up to maximize your recovery. Of critical import is the length you will suffer with your injuries. An experience disc herniation car accident attorney will understand the medicine behind your injuries and will be able to inform you on the range of settlement based on those injuries.

Car Accident Trial Experience

Not all disc herniation car crash cases settle. A lot of times, insurance adjusters will 'bluff' an unrepresented person because they know they will not file a lawsuit. If a case does not resolve, you will need a lawyer to try the case before a jury. We have tried car accident disc herniation cases before juries successfully, and can represent you in court.

Picking the Right Car Accident Disc Herniation Lawyer

Know what to look for and ask when speaking with car accident disc herniation lawyers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission suggest these steps when selecting a personal injury lawyer:

  • Analyze the car accident lawyer’s history of settlements and verdicts. Are his/her former client’s happy?
    • Ask friends, family and associates.
    • Conduct internet research, client review websites and peer review websites.
    • You can search for car accident lawyer advertisements (but remember, not all lawyers are created equally).
  • Meet with multiple car accident disc herniation lawyers!
    • Almost every personal injury attorney will give a free consultation. This means you can speak with multiple attorneys for no charge.
    • Speak with multiple attorneys and choose one with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Determine fees and costs before hiring a car accident lawyer. 
    • Our lawyers work on 100% contingency fee. This means we only get paid if you do.
  • Look for an attorney who makes you feel comfortable. Choose an attorney you can trust.

Do I Need to Gather Documents for my Lawyer?

Your car accident disc herniation lawyer should be able to get everything together for you. However, you can certainly jump start the process. If you can provide documentation at the initial consult, your lawyer can get started on your case right away.

As a general rule of thumb, your car crash attorney will likely need the following:

  • Your vehicle information;
  • Your drivers license;
  • Your insurance information;
  • Facts surrounding the car crash, including but not limited to:
    • Where it happened;
    • When it happened;
    • With whom it was caused by; and,
    • The names and phone numbers of any witnesses;
  • Photographs of the vehicles involved;
  • Any and all medical records you have related to your disc herniation injury treatment;
  • The crash report (if you have it);
  • Documentation to establish that you missed work as a result of your injuries.

Costs of a Car Accident Herniated Disc Attorney

This may surprise you, but our attorneys do not charge any up front fees or costs. If your case is accepted, our lawyers will work tirelessly on the case on a contingency fee basis. This means we only get paid if you do. We see each case as an investment. This investment includes our own time and money. We naturally want to maximize the recovery you make, as we are invested in your case as well.

To speak with a disc herniation car crash attorney now, call us at 561-316-7207 for a free consultation.

Car Accident Disc Herniation Lawyer Qualifications

Trust - Our Boca personal injury lawyers are peer reviewed and have more than 50 years combined experience handling injury claims.

Experience - We know car accident liability cases and we are very familiar with the medical aspect of disc herniation injuries. 

Reliability - We make ourselves available to you, should you have any questions along the process. Don't believe us?
Call us now at 561-316-7207.

No Fee Guarantee - We work on contingency only. Meaning we don't get paid unless you do.


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